Assign schedule by day

Currently, we can only bulk assign work. E.g. if your business hours are from 09:00 - 23:00 you have two shifts 09:00 - 16:00 and 16:00 to 23:00. You can assign person A to the first shift and person B to the second shift for the whole week.

Bulk is fine, but I would also like the ability to assign by day so that I can give people off certain days.

Interesting you mention it. It’s on my personal todo on things I want to improve.

Right now the schedule and the opening hours are strongly coupled together. I was considering moving that connection completely and allow you to freely setup any kind of schedules, with some kind of “automatic configure” button.

What would you prefer? Total freedom, or improvements to the existing one?

Well, the existing one is not bad. I like the bulk function. I just want to set my shifts and then assign a worker to them.

I take it employees will retire like on Startup Company. Then it will be nice to hire a replacement and then bulk assign him to those shifts.

That way you can work out how to set your shifts to keep your employees happy, and just hire replacements when the time comes.

I think having a combination of the two (enabled by a setting or what have you) would be sufficient.

As OP points out, the bulk is fine. However, given certain situations (retirement, demands, etc) you may want to have the ability to control finer details.

I find it really helpful to bulk people, and just not be open on Saturday and Sunday (apparently everyone I hire wants weekends off). However, in the future assuming I will find someone wanting to work weekends, just being able to assign by day would be awesome.

So after some additional discussion happening on Discord last time, I’ve put together a mockup for potential new version:

Each employee assigned to the business will be available above, each with different colors. The box can be drag and dropped a workstation and the size (hours) can be dragged to make it smaller or larger.

Clicking the blue copy button, will clear schedule for all other days and copy the current schedule to each of them, no matter the specific opening hours the day.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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This will work.

Maybe we could also think about having the business hours in the same screen?
It’s always a bit weird for me to have it in different screens and this way you wouldn’t need the text at the bottom.
And also any chance to move the numbers to appear “over the lines”? Just to make it more clear that in the screen opening time is from 8:00 until 20:00 and not 19:00.

Revised version with opening hours moved to the schedule tab:


In this regard, I noticed something that I would like to do that is not currently possible in game, and doesn’t look to be with your mockup here either.

I can only schedule between 00:00 to 24:00. I can not schedule, let’s say, 17:00 to 04:00 for an overnight store concept.

You have the tabs for day of the week, so you would schedule 17:00 - 24:00 on Monday, and 00:00 -04:00 on Tuesday. The two combined would make a shift.

@jhovgaard Your mockup only goes to 23:00. It will need to go to Midnight if we want to create a 24 hour store.

Also, as I mentioned in the original post, if people will retire often, it would be nice if we can create shifts with the new UI that you propose. Or even better, if we get a message “John Doe will retire in 10 days, do you want to hire a replacement?” option. Meaning John Doe retires on day 123, Jane Doe replaces him and starts on Day 124.

Either way, I really like this layout with the opening hours and each cash register & cleaner set out like that.

Sure, but you can only have one block per day anyways. So if I went that way, I wouldn’t be able to open again until 17:00 on Wednesday.

Ah right, will have that fixed!

Regarding retirement, I think it will happen quite rarely in the game. I expect once it becomes a problem, the player will have automated all scheduling using Business/HR Managers anyways.

You can multiple blocks of the same employee for the same day :partying_face:

If we have an HR manager then the design you showed above is perfect.

@TinyPanda have a good point. Multiple blocks per day is a must.

Currently, or in your mock-up? And are we just talking employees?

What I’m saying is 17:00-04:00 is not currently possible. The issue with what @Namennaj stated is while I can do 17:00-24:00 on Monday, and 00:00-04:00 on Tuesday. I can not do 17:00-24:00 on Tuesday as well, because we can only have one block of business hours per day.

In the mock-up. We’ll make the business hours multi slot through the options dropdown too :slight_smile: Preparing for the nightclubs.

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Nothing better than a 02:00 kebab on the way home. :rofl:

Damn you’re right. We need one of those kebab slicer machines. Noted! :smiley:

Closed as implemented.