Assign multiple employees

Functionality to mark employees (like you can do now), then to give them all a certain outfit, or assign them all to a certain business. Also be able to train all selected employees in a certain skill (if available to that employee type). Any employee type not available for selected training will just be ignored.

You can - after you select them all, click on the dropdown menu above the employee list. Then you can select what action you want to do - uniform, train, assign, etc.

You sir, are a life saver. Thank you! :smiley:

Gets quite tedious without when having 200+ employees :sweat_smile:
Couldn’t imagine when I eventually get to empire status

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For scheduling purposes, I’ve found it useful to add a computer to my businesses. You can just click on it and go straight to the schedule screen instead of having to click the BizMan button and then go to schedule. I know it’s not the biggest time saver but it is A time saver.

Make sure you’re not destroying your customer capacity with that. The computer will likely count as 1 workstation and will reduce your customer capacity to 1.

Yeah. I forgot to mention that part. Gotta take it back down once the store is setup but I keep one in there while I’m hiring, firing, training, and stocking.

Ooh okay! In that case, that’ll work fine!