Appreciation of fast load times

I just wanted to send a thank you to the developers, for making a game that launches this quickly. I forget every time, that it takes 2 secs instead of 20 to get into main menu, and it’s just such a blessing :palms_up_together:
Thank you very much devs :heart:


FACTS! I often have to remind myself not to get up after I click launch on steam because it will be there in a second. Even with my big arse save file, it still loads quicker than almost every other game in my library. Need the devs on here to have a little talk with Rockstar to get me on GTA Online faster! Haha.


This is actually huge! Prior to Early Access there were times where loading a massive save (100+ businesses, 1500+ employees) would take 5-10 minutes. They have massively reduced this! Go Joko (pretty sure he did the optimization)! :smiley: