Animations for Stations

I know the Roadmap indicates new animations are incoming, I was curious if it was possible to know what that actually meant. Are we talking new walking animations (since we don’t actually walk yet in game) or is it something else? I was hoping we’d eventually see animations for when your employees and yourself (when applicable) use certain stations there would be unique animations to them. For instance right now when you use the Industrial Fryer or Grill or anything that makes food, you’re just performing a generic action that’s shared amongst all those stations (and many other things), will there be animations specific to those stations? It’d be cool to see you pull out the fry basket and deep fry some fries and have the oil splash about or bubble and make a sound, or the grill start turning red when you’re cooking to indicate it’s grilling, or opening the drinks fridge etc etc. It would be really immersive to see that.

I put this in suggestions as I’m unsure if this is coming or if this is now being suggested.

Thank you all!

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Hello - simple answer “yes” lol.

There will be more animations, some relate to generic player actions, some relate to employee actions. Obviously, there are a lot of things that could have unique animations in-game, so the full updated library of animations will likely take place over several game-updates, but EA 0.3 is bringing a bunch!

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