Alpha 7 post-release update

Hi friends,

More than two weeks after our release of the Big Ambitions alpha 7 version, it’s now time for a first big update. We’ve fixed a lot of bugs in the meantime but also include some other changes.
All changes are entirely based on player feedback, hoping to enhance the first-time playing experience.

It’s all about work :briefcase:

You’re now able to start working even before your shift starts. No more waiting for the clock because you’re 5 minutes early!
Besides, the fast-forward toggle of earlier versions is back. Of course, you can still use the time machine to quickly move on to the end of your shift, but for those who like to see what’s happening fast-forward will come in handy.
To make things even more convenient, you don’t have to click on the small cash register anymore. Just clicking on the counter will open the work dialog already.

Bustling New York streetlife :taxi:

When leaving a building, initially the roads were left empty. Vehicles and pedestrians only slowly started to spawn. Now, this is happening all the time even while you’re inside a building, so the streets will always be bustling and there’s no way out of traffic jams anymore.

…and even one more car on the streets! :oncoming_automobile:

Uncle Fred just expanded his own portfolio by buying a car dealership. Good news for you: One of the old cars wasn’t good enough to be sold anymore, so you’ll get it for free once you get your business running. It’s old, it’s in bad shape - but it’s free.

Uhm… where was it once again? :checkered_flag:

We always had two types of arrows showing directions from your current position: for your objective’s destination and for a self-set destination.
To navigate even easier, we’ve additionally introduced flags indicating the destination. Those flags show up at the buildings while walking on the street as well as in our Voogle Maps app.

Entering a building has never been so easy! :door:

Until now, the information dialog opening when moving the mouse over a building could be a bit annoying. Depending on where you clicked you either entered the building or opened other functionality.
This has been simplified: A left-click on a building will always enter it, and a right-click on a building will always bring up a dialog containing buttons for other functionality like opening the BizMan or the Shop Sign Designer.

Objectives got simplified :heavy_check_mark:

The tutorial had some combined objectives like “Buy a metal shelf and stock it up with cheap gifts”. Those caused some confusion and have now been split up into separate objectives, making it easier to see what’s done and what’s still missing.

Looking for a nice place for your next business? :memo:

Commercial buildings will now indicate if they’re available for rent. Stop asking the neighbors and just take a look at the large “for rent” sign!

Tell me my profits! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Every new day you’ll now see a little popup showing your daily profits and the number of businesses. In the end, that’s what it is all about: Making money!

Pest control on duty 🪲

Besides all these changes, of course we also got rid of some bugs:

  • #597 - Clicking desk while holding handtruck displays 2 messages
  • #611 - Waiting forever in queue at El Gato after working
  • #624 - Green lines visible on boxes in metro wholesales
  • #628 - Wrong camera angle and camera rotation possible when loading a savegame while driving car
  • #633 - Can Run and leave building while buying car
  • #634 - Can’t pick up king-sized bed at Ikea
  • #635 - Normal-sized bed missing at Ikea
  • #636 - Madame Ikea-Tussauds: People get stuck at Ikea when picking up any box
  • #637 - Time bug
  • #638 - Can’t paint street facing corners of large business building
  • #639 - No customers when working myself on normal speed
  • #640 - Cloning myself when stopping to work before end of shift
  • #641 - Sudden shift from day to night lighting if saved between 20:30 and 21:00
  • #644 - Sign Appearance not closing when entering building
  • #645 - A2 building’s supermarket is broken
  • #647 - Handtruck itemOverlay is not hiding when being “driven”
  • #654 - Misplaced speed toggle in working dialog
  • #658 - Work doesn’t stop automatically in own shop after end of shift
  • #665 - Driving into Drive-In Wholesales breaks camera angle
  • #666 - Car duplicated when leaving drive-in wholesales

Hi @Gerwanese, are these changes live or coming soon? I see that Steam has downloaded an update.

They are already live :slight_smile:

So, I gave it a quick test and found some bugs: