Alpha 7 is finally making its way to you

Big things are coming your way!

Finally, we’ve reached a (more or less) stable version of Alpha 7. It’s the biggest update we’ve had in Big Ambitions yet with lots of new features but also fundamental changes to the game’s code.

Let’s take a look at what we got for this update:

Placement System

All items now take way less space when placing them in a shop or apartment. The interior will hence look more natural and you can make much better use of the available space.
In default mode, items are still snapping to the grid. You can however place them more precisely while holding the left ALT key. Pizza oven and industrial fryer can now be placed in one line without a large gap to the wall. Just keep a little distance in between for fire safety…

Besides the updated grid placement, you can now buy an empty modular counter to place items like the hotdog grill on top. Those restaurant items don’t have to be placed on the floor anymore. It was pretty disgusting to get your hotdogs from the floor, wasn’t it?
The large serving desk is gone and instead replaced by a single cash register which has to be placed on top of a counter as well. This allows you to use available space much better and even fit all fast food restaurant items into a small-sized shop. Because space is money!
Both the new single counter element and the cash register are available at the Appliance Store across from El Gato (the supermarket where you take a job early in the game).

Interior Designer

You now got an interior designer for your shops and apartments. Use it to change the appearance of walls and floors. They don’t have any effect on actual gameplay but are just for you to give it a personal touch. Like black walls? Pretty smart idea to hide the mold inside your fast food restaurant!
The Interior Designer is available whenever you are inside one of your own buildings.

Shop Sign Designer

The Shop Sign Designer allows you to design your shop’s signboard with different styles, fonts, light colors. Currently, it’s just a simple mockup, so you don’t get a preview when going through all the options but only see the result after saving. Of course, later it will be updated.
The Shop Sign Designer is only available while standing in front of your business.

Citymap Camera Controller

Voogle Maps got an update as well. It allows zooming in and out using the mouse wheel as well as rotating the map through either right mouse click or Q and E keys.
Often requested, you can now even open the map while being inside a building. Hooray!

Draggable Windows

Some players using ultrawide screens got problems with the new map filters in Alpha 6. That’s why we invented the world’s first-ever draggable windows! Okay, that’s not true but at least we’re good at copying. The first windows allowing to be dragged all across the screen are the map filters and the new shop sign designer. More to come!

Medium-Sized Trucks

Delivery trucks are now cruising through the city to cause traffic jams and make sure roads don’t feel too empty. Isn’t it fun driving through a city? Luckily you still got the subway.

New Businesses

We know it’s hard to wake up in the morning without your favorite coffee at hand. That’s why you’ll be able to open your own coffee shop, serving fresh hot coffee as well as crispy croissants.
While this will make getting up easier, we also take care of those looking for a comfortable way into the night. The liquor store will sell alcoholic beverages and cigars to the stressed tycoons.

Business Dynamics

Our new Market Insider app will be preinstalled on your smartphone right after updating to Alpha 7.
The Corporations tab shows all the big players in the game and you all the way to the bottom. Go and change this!
The News tab will be filled whenever some corporation opens or closes a business. Regularly have a look at this to find new chances for expansion!
At the start, shops are spread randomly making every game unique. You might not always get your favorite building right away but that’s just one more reason to crush those annoying competitors.

Employee Exhaustion

Gone are the good times when you could just make your single employee work all day! Health officials have stepped in telling you that people might get exhausted when working for too long. Seems you got to give them at least some rest in between their shifts…

Scene Merging

Just a tiny change it seems but this might be the most important change of Alpha 7: We’ve merged indoor and outdoor scenes. No more waiting times when leaving a building, you can walk on right away! This feels soo smooth…
Initial loading time for starting a game was massively reduced as well although you might still have to wait for a short moment before being able to make your way into the big business.

Mac Support

Many of you asked for Mac support - here we are! With Alpha 7 we’ll ship a build for your favorite Apple device. Let your ambitions grow!

Coming soon to a Steam client near you!


Hi, Daniel,Jonas
Thank you for sending Your Alpha 7 update.
A.T.B. john

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Hi guys,

A few bugs that I picked up in Alpha 7:

  • I cannot leave 26 Fifth Avenue. I rented it, brought in a trolley with the cash register, counter, mop and shopping baskets. Set up my store, but now I cannot leave.
  • If I use the auto time forward feature in my store, I make no sales. However, if I let time go on manually (without the Fast Forward), I get 19 - 21 sales per day.
  • There are no people on the streets to interview for the quest.


OK, I found a workaround. You have to wait for the first customer to come in and buy something, then you can fast forward.

Hey! Thanks for posting your feedback :slight_smile: I have a few questions:

What happens when you try to leave?

Will look into that. What business type is?

No people at all in the whole city?

Hi Jonas,

I cannot get out. Normally I click in the empty space behind the door to walk there, and it works like a charm. However, not here. I tried clicking in various places, and I cannot get out. I even went through clicking in rows to see if I can get out, but no luck.

I have no problem leaving other locations. Just this one. I also started a new game to see if that will make a difference (also, exit and relaunched the game). Still the same issue.

Gift shop. It was my first shop, I was following the quests. Just a note, employee’s don’t have this issue. When they man the shop, orders come in as per normal.

I found them on the streets after 20:00 at night. Before that, there were zero people on the streets. If you go into a shop, people are entering as you would expect, but the moment you leave it is just you and cars on the street.

A few more:

  • My days of the week don’t go in order. It will jump from Tuesday to Saturday, then the next day is Friday.
  • I bought two Counter1’s at the hardware store using a HandTruck. When I got outside, there are no boxes on the HandTruck. And when I click manage cargo, I cannot select the counters. However, the HandTruck it says Cargo: 2/4.

Edit: I found the counters. They are in my car. They automatically loaded when the HandTruck was close to my car. When they are transferred, the HandTruck should just change to Cargo: 0/4. Tested this a couple of times now and it happens every time.

Just an information: The Mac version is broken, it’s an older build with lots of bugs. Should be fixed tomorrow. Build 232 is the correct version right now, Mac will currently show build 224.

Hi everyone and sorry for the global notification.

The Mac build has now been fixed. To confirm you got the right version, look for “build 233”.


Hi again! I have a feeling you were playing on Mac right? The build was broken but have been fixed now.

im going dive in the game sooner or later. Looking good from this angle. Glad its making progress. I just been busy with other things lately.

I have the Mac Version build 234. The map goes completely black if you get too close to an area that isn't finished yet. This means if I ride the subway for example to the large drive-in warehouse. When I get off the subway I can't do anything because everything turns black.

Thank you for reporting the issue.
Do you have any screenshot or even better a video of it?
Did you try if it also happens if you just walk to that area without taking the subway?

No Windows 10. I will have another playthrough over the weekend. Will let you know if the problems persist.

Ok, so I had another playthrough. Almost all of the bugs are fixed.

One big bug left is that my Fast Food restaurant, is getting no customers. As in zero. I have 3 shops, First I built the gift shop. That is working fine. Then I built the Fast Food (where I am getting zero customers), en then I built a jewellery shop. The Jewellery shop is also working fine.