Allow training employees for multiple days at once

I don’t know if I am the only one but personally I am a training maniac… I want all my employees to be at 100% :sweat_smile:

And when I recruit in batch for a new business I have to redo the training every day at 17:00 for everyone… a little bit redundant :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be nice to have the possibility to train employees for more than one day at once… maybe.

Imagined something like this:

Another idea on this topic… maybe we can have a new employee at our HQ… something like a “head of training” which would allow us to train our employees in batch by organizing coaching and courses.


Overall, I really like the idea! Maybe instead of training for a certain number of days, we could train to a certain percentage level? Only because if you want 100%, and they are at 99%, you still have to train them for a full day.

maybe we can have a new employee at our HQ…

The HR manager (HQ Employee already planned for future beta) should handle some of what you were requesting, but I do like this idea.

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This is a great idea to have it implemented with HR, I would like to be able to send employees to training on their days off as well, instead of completely removing them from a work role messing up the schedule, or adding to their work schedule some training time, re managing schedules around trying to train the employees has become taxing, as well as hard to keep up with how I had them set up or even which employment location I had them at

As someone who hunts the cheapest employees and upgrades them from 20-30% skill to 100%, I am fully into this idea