Allow Player to purchase Ika Flatbed

Well pretty straightforward… could be nice to add a new tool to our business man life: a pallet truck!

Could transport 8 or 10 boxes.
Needs to be purchased at a appliance store and placed in your business/warehouse/home like you would place a Cleaning Station.
Maybe would take 2 slots in your vehicles (because it’s big).

With such a great tool we could move things to our shops faster, better, harder… ok it’s not a song here just a feature suggestion sorry :sweat_smile:


Some warehouses do have a forklift, but they don’t seem to carry boxes like a handcart. I would love for those forklifts to function as you’re describing here. Maybe even carry 20 boxes since it’s a vehicle!


Feel like a follower, but +1

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Forklifts only load but don’t unload

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pallet jacks are the BESST. I wouldn’t have to keep the taxi business alive by going to Ika all the time lol!

I agree with this. The same as Ika Bohag trolleys, but so you can place them wherever and grab them.
Also the option to purchase hand cart… Some offices and the residential buildings don’t come with them and every now and then I hate that they disappear lol

The missing office handtrucks will be fixed in an upcoming update!

Awesome! Looking forward to that and some new business types for sure :smiley:

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Will there also be a larger “pallet truck” e.g. like the one in IKA, - so that you can move more than 4 items at a time.?

There should be an option to buy the 8-space handtruck which is in Ika from AJ Peterson or From anywhere else.

It will be very helpful, because there are times when we order 18space delivery 2 times in a day, at 10 AM and 2 PM but moving it with 4space takes too much time and the second delivery fails due to there being already delivery pallet.

There is a hack currently I use, I take Ika handtruck to my store and just place 1 space of any item on it, and it stays forever in the store. But the only thing to remember is to whenever the moving is done just leave 1 space of any item otherwise it will disappear.


Good idea, that I’ve seen around a few various discussions!

FYI, this behavior is being changed in EA 0.2, I believe, which should help with this issue overall!

or even being able to take the handtruck that your get from Ika!


My strategy to unload quickly is to move the handtruck “dispenser” thats within the store to next to the door, then just load up from the pallet outside, go inside and park your hand truck, get a new one to fill up, and then keep going. If you dont unpack your handtrucks until after unloading all of them, it can be pretty quick.


literally what i do ! helps so much!

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can we have a flat bed trolley in NY Distro Inc, since we do a lot of shopping even without drive in a car.

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Yes, the limit of 4 boxes each time is fine at the start of the game. but setting up a new law firm with 50 computers with desks, chairs, mouse pads and so on… It just takes too long! It’s a grind.