Alleys, rental vehicles and other such things

I just started playing this game a couple of days ago, and I really love it so far. I love the detail of just the environment. Good Job! and I also like the storyline. If the below suggestions are in the game, I apologize but I haven’t found away yet.

So a couple of things I would like to see added.

a) alleyways and backdoors to a store to have deliveries go through there. Basically getting the big truck and trying to NOT get ticket is impossible as far as I can tell :). I read that ticketing and things like that are on the roadmap. Which leads to my next suggestion.

b) renting vehicles (like the big truck). Pretty simple idea and not much to it.

c) hiring security guards. I don’t know if this a bug (and I’ll add it there) but I had an instance when customers would go back to the kitchen and take stuff in the back and not pay for it while (in this case the MC) is assigned to the cash register. Admittedly, the hired person never showed up for work and the store was left unattended for a bit while I had to race across town! If that is a bug having employees being a No-Show, I think it should be a feature. That has happened so many times when I worked in some minimum wage jobs.

I have a question about unattended stores during business hours? Who unlocked the door to let people in. : ) They need to be fired.

d) Raises. If there is away to do this, I haven’t found it yet in the game. I would think on the employee page, have a slider for how much they make (other than the static number) that way you can give raises for just being a good employee or having a box where you could manually put in a number works too.

c) More specifics on why an employee is unhappy and suggestion on how to fix the issue. Again, this is probably just me being new to the game and haven’t figured out the mechanics yet. So what is considered full time? 40 hour weeks? Sounds like a dumb question but if you do add more cities like Paris then, by law, the French normal work week is 35 hours. I know, that’s me being anal retentive…

thanks for your time.

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Hello! Nice ideas, just a couple points:

Theft/Security is a feature coming in EA 0.3, but currently if that happens, they don’t actually steal it, the item is returned to your inventory!

If you go to your MyEmployee page and hover over the demand, it will give more information. For instance, full time means they want between 30-50 hours a week.

“For Chinese players, working only 50 hours a week is so relaxing and enjoyable. In fact, Chinese workers must work at least 72 hours a week.”

@SuperDave - Hey thanks for your reply. that helps clear some things up. Like I said I am kinda new to the game.

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