All possible products to sell unclear

When I look at the help menu > Business Type > Gift Shop, it now says “Businesses of this type primarily sell:” and it only lists Cheap Gift and Expensive gift.

I think this used to also list Soda Can? Because my gift shops seem to still be selling the soda, too.

I appreciate the more precise wording change with the new update, but now I don’t know the entirety of what products actually affect some sales.

I think I saw a video somewhere where someone put fruits and vegetables in their supermarket. I like the aesthetic of that and I’ll copy it eventually but I’m curious if you can actually sell fruits and vegetables out of supermarkets, too?

So my main question is just: How do I know the all of the possible items I can actually sell in each store?

Thanks for your time again!

You can sell whatever you want anywhere. The primary items do better in their primary locations, but any other item will still sell.