Agriculture / Greenhouse / Farm

Agriculture: Indoor and/or Rooftop Microfarm (in New York), if developers create areas outside New York maybe actual Farms (Possible DLC)


was thinking the same thing. even if it’s not on release, would love to see a micro farm, community garden, urban farm, etc some day.


Having a Farm at edge of City that supplies all the types of vegetables, meats and other farm related products would be great. This Business could act the same as the Import/export businesses or be a separate business entity on it’s own would work and be interesting. As you level up your business empire or player level they would provide you with different types of goods for your stores. Gaining trust level could be used too.

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They have “Production Factories” on the roadmap under the To Be Scheduled section!

I imagine we’ll need some kind of agricultural production for all the fruits, vegetables, and fresh goods in the game.

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I think is a bit hard but maybe need to add more maps or regional travel like we can maybe travel to other land which have farmland, woods etc and we can extract natural resources and process them to sell

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It’s still too early for this idea, but I’ll give it a try, I’ve seen a few threads about farming. but there is no idea about greenhouses yet, or it is possible to somehow combine these ideas.
Speaking of production. I would like to see the hotties in this game, which will be worked out to all the details:

  1. Purchase or lease of land. for the construction of its complex of greenhouses, as well as the installation of heating and watering systems and refrigerating chambers.
  2. Purchase of soil. seeds, fertilizers. necessary inventory for workers.
  3. Creation of jobs for workers. who will be engaged in planting. care and harvesting, as well as delivery of crops from greenhouses to warehouses. or directly to the shops.
  4. Growing vegetables. which were recently added. as well as raspberries, grapes as an example, you can grow them in greenhouses and add more products for your grocery stores) And growing flowers and as a new product fresh flowers, and make them into flower gift sets. which are already in the game.
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The difficulty must be in keeping NEW YORK CITY realistic as I suspect there aren’t many farms or greenhouse complexes around given the shortage of real estate in the city.

The best way to consider this might be to teleport to a separate map for any outside suppliers, and that could include the current IMPORT AGENTS as the trigger point, taking you to EXPORTERS who deliver at the moment, with others being added later.

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