Aging and Death

Hi there!

As always, I apologise for any lack of sense in some sentences but I use translation software. My sincere apologies.

So, the topic I would like to address today is that of character aging and character death.
I am aware that it is a discourse that sees the date of interest in July, with Beta 5. But I don’t think it is too early to talk about it.

Will there be more modes? Career and Sandbox?
Will our character be forced to die due to aging?
How will aging work?
Will there be modes with timed challenges and related achievements?

Given the aging and therefore the possible death, will there be a possibility to build a family and continue (as the first heir) the construction of our empire?

I am convinced that this is a speech that will see the light of day only in July, but … I’d love to hear the ideas the developers had on this topic!

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