Advertising trucks

I’d like to see advertising trucks in the game, like this one:

It should be possible to hire trucks for my own company (where I can choose which shop it should advertise for) but it should also be running for opponents and ideally for “neutral” events (concerts, sports events, Hovgaard Games…).

Ideally there would be an advertising office where I could go to order this kind of advertising.
There it should also be possible to paint my own van with advertising (which would be cheaper because it only needs the paint/foil but not a truck with driver for rent).
You should be able to choose the shop it advertises for, the number of trucks (if not your own van) and the time span in days.

Own truck advertising example:

Once company logos are in the game, of course they should be included.

I feel like the feature for stickering your own vehicles would add a lot of value to the game and it would definitely increase the immersion.

For implementation you could just create a couple basic layouts for logo and company name that the player can choose from.