Advertising Targeting Differentiation

Credit to Ir0nPatri0t on discord for the name of the feedback idea.

  • Categorise potential customers into age group/class
  • Establish which form of marketing is more suitable for each age group/class
  • Establish what product is more likely to be purchased by a certain age group/class
  • Allow players to strategize what marketing most suits the product they are selling and the age group they want to target
  • Stonks


  1. Jewel Stores may be more catered to 41-60 individuals/Upper class individuals who can afford to commute by car thus Billboards will be best for those agegroups/class
  2. Coffeeshops are more “Young-ish” and suitable for both middle-class and upper-class. And since young people are always on their phones, social media campaigns be best.

All credits are yours my friend, including the name!
It’s your idea and I love it.

I appreciate that you can actually put more emphasis on the need to have to study the socio-economic type of the store a minimum so that you can create a greater impact with ad campaigns targeted to certain age/social sectors.

I agree with this discussion!
And welcome, this is your first post!
Hope to read you often!

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