Additional Features on Apps

A couple of features that I think can help manage businesses a little easier

  1. On Bizman, it would be nice to set a filter on Business Types

  2. I notcied that if I sort by satisfaction, or income and I click into a business and back out of it, it resets the sort

  3. On the Bizman display, it would be nice to turn on a detailed view, that shows each business’s marketing deatils (the total% as well as the breakdown) and the satisfaction (total % and the breakdown)

  4. Within a business, it would be nice to have a tab that shows a snapshot of what the business looks like at the moment, with the furniture, walls, etc

4a. that being said, how about a business of movers! Let’s say you can preset the design of your store with this tab, and then you can purchase the necsesary furniture, and then have “movers” set it up the way you did it in tha tab.

  1. Within business schedules, it would be nice to turn “on” and “off” which employees I can see to set schedules for. I have a 24 hr store open 7 days a week and have to scroll up and down to find the employee I need. (or have employees that

  2. Filter system on MyEmployees tab so I can do multi-selection a bit easier

  3. Upon hiring someone, they should be defaulted to no businesses. i understand you have to select a business and a primary skill, and that’s the default selection - but add a new business for “unassigned” or something so that you can hire them freely

  4. It would be nice if HR managers can automatically pick up employees with the health insurance plan. In real life, this is something they’d handle by themselves, not someone like me to manage every single employee’s needs.