Adding plastic food tray for fast food business

adding plastic food tray in fast food business will allow customer to dine in the restaurant without consuming paper bags.

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Am i correct to assume it would be similar to shopping baskets? I would still think paper bags would be needed for take out… not that i can remember any customers leaving after buying food, but it could be a chance based variable if they have dine in or take out.

no its not like basket, but like a item that reduces usage of paper bags, save you money.

For something like that, we’d need more job positions. If you want reusable items, you’d need a dishwasher job. You would save some money but would need a more complicated schedule with more people.

Could be a cool idea, though.

Yes business should be more complicated there should be more types of staffs and items to sell like in clothing business there is belts, gloves,undergarments, ties and others stuff

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Generally the most complicated i see in clothing stores would be mens, womens and childrens departments, and respective stock workers that mantain the displays as well as keep track of inventory and such. The only other positions are typical management such as office workers (unsure what specifically they did), security, and loss prevention and the like. Aside from that you have managers, and most staff are trained to do more than one task, such as cashiers might also be trained to work at customer service desks some days.

In terms of the game, I feel that is a solid balance between complexity and running the buisness. It would make more sense having two managers, a general manager, and when there are francises, a district manager. Designated cooks could both cook and wash dishes and sales persons could work cashiers and mop.

Would be a lot of work to change an already solid gameplay function I would think.

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