Accounting & Tax Firms

Audit/Accounting & Tax Firms


Adding an accountant to lower taxes into your HQ and having accountant firms to lower your taxes even more or the ability to have an accounting firm for your taxes.

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Nice idea. Although I would make it possible to do taxes yourself, but when you do a mistake you get fined.


I am shocked accounting or accountants aren’t already in the game. I was kinda wondering if Payroll would be a thing but I feel like that would be too much.

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I agree on this for no specific reason, but yes! :slight_smile:

I would love to see a new Role in the Headquarters named “Accountant” or “Financial Assistant”

My idea for it would be 2 things he could do (similar to the Headhunter):

  1. You assign him Businesses and the Accountant would directly subtract the Taxes that we would have to pay to the IRS each year and it would automatically subtract the amount from the remaining Tax report. Meaning with enough Accountants you wont have to visit the IRS. Maybe at 100% Skill you also would have to pay 5% less taxes.

  2. the 2nd thing I would like to be able to do is, that the Business you assign directly pays the profit into an Investment fond of your choice and at a 100% skill it would slightly increase the chance of a positive return in said fond.