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Blueprints! This is a place to show off your fancy interiors along with the blueprints so other community members can enjoy them!

  • For easy searching, it’s best to put your blueprint’s name and building code in the topic
  • Don’t forget to include a link to the steam Workshop page so other people can find your blueprint!

I am sorry but would it be possible to make a short video tutorial how blueprint works? Or please explain it here step by step.

PS: Maybe I am to stupid how to use it. :expressionless:

Hello - the in-game help files should be able to guide you with links to the proper buildings and everything:

If you go to F1 > Building Management, there are three sections that will guide you.

  • “Interior Design” will show you how to create and save a blueprint
  • “Blueprints” will show you how to upload/download blueprints with the workshop
  • “Installation Firm” will show you had to install blueprints in your businesses
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