Ability to walk between cars stopped in traffic

Cars stopped in traffic (at lights or otherwise) cannot be walked through, it’d be awesome if this could be fixed, I want to J-walk damn it :slight_smile:

Also fast forward when you’re out and about waiting for a shop to open would be amazing.

Hi @fenix849, generally it’s possible to walk in between cars but the gap needs to be pretty large.
Here in this example you can see it with parked cars - right side I can pass, left side I can’t.
At traffic lights, some cars leave a bigger gap and you can walk through, but most of them are too close together.
@jhovgaard Any chance to reduce the necessary gap for the player to walk through?

As for your second suggestion, we already have benches at several places where you can nap for 1-4 hours and speed up time. We might need to add more if there are places where the next bench is too far away. All the “important” buildings should have benches.

That is due to an issue in the Unity NavMeshObstacle that we use for Parked and Moving Vehicles. Unity is Tracking that issue but there is no fix scheduled anytime soon from them.
Unity Issue for Tracking: Unity Issue Tracker - NavMesh Agent can not pass through passable area between carving NavMesh Obstacles

Ok, thanks.

Bit of a shame about the navmesh bug, I’m sure they’ll fix it …eventually.

If they don’t, we’ll find another way around the problem later. Don’t worry :slight_smile: