Ability to use own furnitures

Hi there, I’ve seen couple of general discussions but decided to add feature wishlist. Would love to be sble to use furnitures more, rather than it being just cosmetic. It will give me a lot more motivation to rent bigger apartment and decorate it.

  • ability to sit and use a chair or sofa
  • when watching a TV, ability for player to sit down
  • ability to use stove, maybe grocery store can sell raw food or even food already in game like burger or hotdog. Just have to have “grocery” or some sort in pantry to be able to make these
  • ability to use coffee machine (have to buy coffee cup)
  • ability to sit and eat at home similar to the animation of customers eating in restaurants

This will absolutely add so much depth to the game for me in early access.

I must say I’m very impressed with the roadmap and transparency. Thank you for keeping at it.

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Yes, please! There is so much potential for this game to be GREAT (Not that it isn’t already) and a very polished feature would be using what’s already there!

Just like in any arpg, jrpg, whatever ‘insert-beautiful-game-here’, the backdrops are always so gorgeous but you are very rarely able to interact with them.

I was in BA inside of a hotdog shop and I couldn’t sit down and eat my hotdog and drink my soda! We need to be able to do that! Sometimes wasting the day away would be amazing! Thank you team for all that you do!

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