A way to buy handtruck


just a little suggestion - add a way to buy handtruck and place it anywhere in your office buildings.

Why to add this while you have handtrucks available in your stores and HQ? Well, for example I don’t have a handtruck “station” in my law firm and it is kinda annoying to always drive somewhere to pick up a handtruck and then use it in that mentioned law firm of mine.

It would be better if you could just buy that “handtruck station” in appliance store and to place it into your office, firm etc.

What do you think? Let me know :slight_smile:

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The 2 office types which are missing handtrucks is fixed in an upcoming update/patch! That should help the issue a lot!

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That’s great, didn’t know that. Thank you for your response! You can probably close this suggestion, but when I think about it, it still could be good idea to buy that handtruck by yourself into your businesses.

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