A More Clear and Deep Narrative

There’s a lot of potential in this game in the possible narratives that can be built through the open-world.

Obviously the basic setting is there,

  • Lost your Grandmother
  • Uncle Fred helps you up
  • You make big bucks

And eventually to be added is the “Endgame”, a “Doctor’s Appointment” that I can only assume is death and legacy.

However, the in-between is quite baseless and simple. While you build a few dozen offices and stores, under the backing of clothing stores, there isn’t much narrative in-between.

I’d love to see these added to flesh out narrative and characters in the in-between:

  1. Character Traits to be set in story, but customizable in sandbox. This is a feature suggested by others, but I’d like to see it properly set for a narrative in story. And it be affected by the narrative going forward.
  2. More set Story Events, like Uncle Fred dying and a subplot where you fight Uncle Fred’s heir for his empire or something, or them eventually becoming competitors. Currently, the “Story” is a tutorial, making it an actual narrative will allow more depth to the game and characters.
  3. A family-style subplot. To me, the “Doctor’s Appointment” is a great chance to really dive into the idea of legacy, whether it be a heir or family, or just letting a protege of sorts take over the business. Building out the NPC system and allowing “Dating” being a part of the happiness system and eventually a family will make the “Legacy” worth fighting for.
  4. Overall more in-depth story. You get the point, what I’ve listed so far brings a new depth to the businesses that one can run within this game.

Love to hear other ideas, but these are the simple subplots I can think of that can easily bring depth to the overall story and bring stakes to the “Doctor’s Appointment”.