A list of requested QOL improvements post 0.5 <3

Hi devs, my first post here. I love this game, and i would love some or all of these QOL changes to be implemented. Much love.



  1. PLEASE, when there’s a popup tooltip, its fine that its transparent, but the cursor should NOT be able to interact with things below the transparent popup! This is so frustrating. Only interact with the “active”/“on top” tooltip/window.

  2. Please enable the “go back in menu” key, that people usually have bound to mouse4 and usually use in brower/webpages to go back. For instance, if you are in Bizman, and look at your list of shops. You click on one shop, and check what problems are with it, now you want to go back to the list with one click, but cant! You have to open bizman again. Theres other examples of this. We need a “go one step back in menu” key, like in google chrome :slight_smile:

Item tooltips:

  1. Oneliner tooltips on all items please. Like the pellet storage, it doesnt say how much box capacity it has when you buy it, and you often dont know if an item is decorative, for employees, or required for operation.

  2. Please make a link to the F1 (help) in tooltips when hovering over items - in the buy menu of a store for instance. Some items like the stagelights for the nightclub doesnt even exist in the F1 Help. You have to guess yourself whether these items are “decorative”, and have an effect or not.

  3. Additionally, its not specified whether decorative items counts towards the interior score (i definitely think they should, equally to floor and walls! There should be a reward for using nice decorations, and its not transparent if there currently is. Trashcans in offices and supermarkets for instance, could/should give a small buff to cleaning. Also, the signs your put for your products on your walls should count towards “marketing” score? To a small degree and with a cap on?)

  4. It feels bad that i have to open a wiki to find out that my supermarket cant sell beer but it can sell wine. Make it more transparent and visible when you open a store exactly what it can sell.

  5. When i order stuff with my purchasing agent, its fine that i have to order e.g. 1000 gifts and 200 flowers. But i have no idea how much space this takes up in my warehouse, when the warehouse tells me i have “60 boxes of space per pellet”! These two ‘metrics’ dont match, leaving me confused? Cant it be more userfriendly?


  1. Please a nice and exact overview of exactly what was shipped from your warehouses last night to which places. We operate day-to-day, so knowledge of last night shippings only is essential.
    (What does the “Balance” and “Shipped” categories in the warehouse even help? Am i just confused here? I feel like all you need is the following categories “in stock”, “received last night” “shipped last night”, and “days till empty”.)

Also if there’s stuff you ordered but couldn’t afford last night, i need to see which wares are missing. A 2 second popup at midnight is not enough to know this.

  1. Under logistics manager, please dont reset all values to 0 if i change the destination for a driver. Maybe a reset button for all values to 0, but remember values please, for a long time in the earlygame i just have 1 driver that i send various places.

  2. Under “EconoView” theres a neat graph for your investments, why not one for your revenue and net income over time? :slight_smile:


  1. In the uncle Fred quest “buy ticket to the casino boat (only fridays)” Im pretty sure 99% of players go there before 18(?) Please specify that its closed till 18.


  1. Minor annoyance: Keep forgetting that square appliances open at 9 instead of 8 like the rest. Could it just open at 8 for simplicity and QOL?

  2. Not really QOL, but why do i see all my employees in my stores except my cleaning employees, they are invisible?

  3. If you cancel a recruitment campaign before you actually receive any product (candidates) the paid price should be refunded - That’s only fair.
    Usually i lost a couple thousand dollars because the option “part times workers” are auto-enabled, and i dont need them. And i clicked accept too fast. My bad being too fast, but QOL wise instantly canceling should refund your money, as you didnt receive anything for your money.

  4. When an employee texts you a new “demand”, please write which of my many businesses they are in in the email, maybe a link to the store with the item in question, or an “order item” button for the item they demand. Theres just a lot of requests with 100+ employees, and would be nice with a bit QOL there. Could also be a menu-overview of unfulfilled demands!

Wholesale store:

  1. Please allow the wholesale contract to be made, even without having a storage in the shop. If you then try to USE the contract for the delivery, there should be an alert. But it just made me waste alot of time that i couldnt make the contract immediately, and had to go home and put a storage, and then go back again and make the contract.

  2. Make the forklift useful? Enable buying items loaded on it, make it abit faster, and able to put things in your car. Stacksize 8 so it fits with the car…


  1. On a funny note, paying taxes at IRS was abit disappointing :wink: It didnt even say “KA-CHING” or some fun money-sound-effect. You just lose your money silently. It could be fun if they were grinning smugly, or had just any kind of reaction when you paid, said thanks or something.
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Hello! Nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, I’m moving this to “general” since it’s a list of ideas, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for!

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