A few things

  1. Filter employees by business
  2. Search for specific employee
  3. Right click to manage employee listed under HR Mgr
  4. Right click to manage people at HQ
  5. If employee assigned to HR Mgr they can hire and auto schedule new employee to empty slots
  6. Headhunters should be able to select for same day findings
  7. Logistics Mgr when selecting delivery to stores see the store at the store also next to the item
  8. Call a cab
  9. Order a vehicle and be able to start a contract with dealership for delivery of a vehicle to a warehouse, but must have an empty space or to an assigned parking space at an apartment for a fee ($5000)

Hello! Nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, I’m moving this to “general” since it’s a list of ideas, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for!

Also regarding 6) The headhunter can do “same day finding”. The headhunter starts looking immediately!

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I like this list. Adding two of my thoughts:

1, managing an employee can show its current hr manager. So each day when an employee asks for an insurance coverage we don’t have to iterate through the hr manager list to find out who he or she belongs to first.

2, in office buildings by hovering over the employee we should be able to see the employee name. So when someone asks for a monitor or telephone we know where should we put that