A few things after working through Beta 6

I haven’t looked at the game (since about alpha 9?) in a while and played about 25 or so hours of beta 6 and it’s really a different game than what I remembered (I say that as a compliment). There’s a few things I’d like to mention that I haven’t noticed when looking at a few threads here.

  • When an employee resigns / retires, it tells me the name, but I have no clue what business they worked for or what position they held.

  • When using a recruitment service, can we have a line of dialogue that reminds us which business we are recruiting for? It’s not too big a deal at first but when you’ve branched out and have a pretty decent sized operation it’s pretty daunting.

  • There needs to be way more ways to increase your mood. At the moment if there’s an employee that wants a chill environment, I just decline them because my mood stays low with the only modifier being that I’m profitable. The in game help says to spend time at the park but I haven’t even figured out where that is. I’m not sure if there’s other ways to keep your mood up in game, I’ve noticed a few on the roadmap but that’s a pretty decent ways away. It’s a decent system as long as there are ways to keep you moderately happy. A suggestion would be that you can get up to a certain amount of mood for items in your apartment, maxing out to a cap, and then you get the rest of the way up by using them, much like the mood modifiers in The Sims.

I noticed on the road map you’re looking to improve the HR managers to start hiring / sourcing some of this stuff for you, and if that’s the case my thoughts are kind of moot, but these are the biggest gripes I have with intuitiveness of the system.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the marketing system is fairly confusing, but I see others have made topics about that as well so I’d prefer to leave those there. Other than that, I haven’t noticed many bugs to really report on, the game is looking great so far!

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