A few suggestion

Hi! First of all, I’m a new player, but I’m in love. Here are some suggestions I was thinking about while playing:

  • Let us buy/sell shares of the businesses
  • New HQ employee: accountant. They help you reduce taxes or wages, giving you small discounts etc.
  • Interior designer service: when you are inside of one of your businesses or houses, you can click on a button to hire an interior designer which lets you design the interior and pay some extra for the designer to deliver the products, paint the walls, furniture and everything you set. Maybe it could work like the agency, so if you pay extra, they will do it faster.
  • AI enemy wich expands their empire and tries to overtake you by buying majority shares in your businesses or lowering their prices (the difficulty depends on game difficulty)
  • Family and succession. Once you die, you should have the option to play as one of your kids, maybe divide the business empire between your kids for more difficulty. You won’t get put to square one, but you will have to rebuild what your father passed on you
  • Employee relations, team building: a modifier for all of your employees in a specific business how well they get along with their colleagues. It could open another role for each business: a manager. The manager could improve the relations, “lighten the mood” the better their skill is.
  • Let us build walls, reposition doors in interiors. Maybe if you are about to rent something, there could be a checkmark which let’s you build inside for an extra daily cost.
  • Health and sickness. This is self-explanatory: you have to eat healthy and regularly (maybe new food types/personal chef) to maintain health. Maybe go to the gym or for a walk in nature.

Anyways, I love the game and the roadmap. I’m excited for the future :grinning: