A COMFORT BUFF - Similar to The Sims

Let me start of by saying that this game is the most fun I’ve had in a long time, especially considering it’s in Early Access. Your doing a great job, devs!

Now for the suggestion (please disregard / remove the topic if it’s already suggested):

I would love to see a gameplay reason for making your apartment and other places look nice and a reason for buying expensive furniture. I think this would help make the Energy and Happiness stat in the game become even more interesting, and provide the player an insentive for spending his/her hard earned cash on making the world around them nicer:

  • One way of doing this is by gaining a “happiness buff” when you’re in a space where there’s nice furniture/ walls/ floors. The strength and duration of the buff would depend on the stats of the furniture in the space and how long you’ve been there.
  • A different way this might work is by giving beds and chairs different comfort ratings (similar to The Sims) where the player gains a “comfort buff” when using the furniture, which improves both energy retention and happiness depending on the quality/price of the furniture and the time spent using said furniture.

I believe this would help extend and improve the gameplay loop and the realism of the game. And it would give players a reason not to only try and “minmax” every space and situation.

Keep up the great work!


I do not agree with this, as a player who hates to decorate rooms I hate it sooo much when the game forces me to do it and I just end up minmaxing decoration (so it ends up in minmax anyway). I think that, just like in real life, some people like to decorate and some don’t, so I think it shouldn’t impact the gameplay. In real life I don’t have much furnitures and I’m happy like that!

That’s a very valid counterpoint! I would never want the game to force people to decorate in any specific way. I’m just trying to think of ways the player can spend money that has some form of gameplay functionality. Maybe you could have “wants” or “traits” like maximalist or minimalist?

From a gameplay standpoint, and to a certain extent real life, I think it makes sense that for example a wealthy businessman who takes a nap on his yacht as opposed to a struggeling businessman having to sleep on a bench on the street, would be affected by this experience differently, both emotionally and physically. And this extends to sleeping in a terrible bed, as opposed to a high end bed.

I’m not saying this “buff” has to be very impactful, but for me personally I think it would add positively to the gaming experience.


You both bring up good points - you want the player to feel rewarded for being successful, but you don’t want to add another tedious task to those who don’t want it.

But these examples are great and actually a couple exist:

  • Sleeping on your yacht does give a major happiness boost.
  • Where you sleep (how big the bed, are you at home, etc) does impact how much energy the sleep gives per hour.
  • The more expensive computer / TV give longer lasting happiness perks.

But I agree - you still don’t fully feel the benefits of being so filthy rich, and more “comforts” would be awesome!


Thank you for clarifying!
I wasn’t aware that a boost system already excisted in the game. :slight_smile:
Absolutely, I agree with your last sentence!


Yes, it would be nice to gain a little happiness from being in your own apartment. I gain more happiness from sleeping on a park bench than I do from my kingsize bed in my apartment. TV/gaming gain is fine, but having some nice decor and furniture should help too.
I certainly don’t want it to be excessive, its not The Sims.

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