A better employee system

1: In the employee interface, if I want to select certain employees, I have to click on them one by one, why not create a virtual scope similar to the mouse on the computer desktop? In this way, I can quickly select certain employees.

2: Although I have a HR manager, I still need to select some employees in the employee interface and then assign tasks to them. Why not let the HR manager do that? To be precise, it is to assign some employees to the human resources experience manager, and then assign tasks to this manager, such as training them until they become elite agents, or tell the human resources manager to let the employees under his management go to which company and change into overalls.

3: I noticed that when I selected a large number of employees and gave them unified instructions, one of the instructions was [training key skills], when the main skill is customer service employees trained to 100%, you give them the instruction to train key skills, they will not train cleaning skills, if I want to train a group of elite agents, require 100% of both skills, in cleaning, I still need to click one by one.

3: I want to mark employees! Since English is not my first language, I can’t be bothered to look at the names of certain employees and then find them and schedule them. I think we can give them an army-like code name, which can be customized, for example, Jack is my employee, then I can label him as “Manhattan clothing custom customer Service employee #1”.

4: Scheduling is so annoying, I’m always going through a lot of people and it takes me forever to find that one person who hasn’t been assigned a job! And the employees I have assigned to work will also be crowded with the employees who have not assigned to work, why don’t we make two areas? The name of this area can be customized, and employees who have arranged work can be placed in the above area, and employees who have not arranged work will naturally be slowly screened out.