50 Hours in, and I got LOTS of ideas to expand the game using some stuff already in the game

toggle-able ceiling light layer too often they can get in the way
make top of wall bar go away for ‘invisibile walls’ like sims
mp3 player option or an item for headphones that you cab buy and equip so that you can always hear music
purchasable flatbeds, like the ones in ika habag
option for when looking for employees to select part time of full time
ability to adjust employees pay, (or make a counter offer when highering employees to be like “i want $15 an hour” and you can counter with “$13” and THEY can take the job or not), or make pay add as a want as they get more trained since they can ‘do more’ - would also be cool if you ‘promote’ previous associates and have it require a certain ‘trained %’ before you can promote, promoted associates will want more like better chairs, or executive desks. allow management of buildings be able to accept deliveries for you if you have a storage shelf.
add in a small ‘maintainence room’ for buildings for dedicated cleaning stations and hand trucks (maybe in larger buildings) in Interior Design, allow for the player to add walls INSIDE of a structure only and cannot change external walls
offices need handtrucks
cleaning business, can service residential as maids and businesses
bulk delivery of goods to buildings, 18 once per day is taxing when you are trying to move an office or make a new one with 50 seats. give an option upon business closures to either “sell items left” or “move to location”
allowed trained purchasing agent employees when trained to take on more imports, maybe have a requirement to do so like a fancy executive pc and must be a manager
give the option in warehouses to see Total Shelving Spaces and Total Shelving Spaces EMPTY
add an option to “sell” business vs close, would be cool to see your saved work be a competitor in the city, and maybe you have to meet the new owner you are selling to outfront to hand over the keys/deed etc
add CD accounts in the bank vs investment only options
add more random investment options, maybe even make them funny and get a report in randomly like an app notice when they go up or down
make uniforms cost us money when assigning them, but small, and varies based on what outfit is made of, this makes us need to do it and have NPCs dislike the business if not in uniform, also cannot train employees through HR or when unassigned if they do not have a uniform
purchasable forklifts, but have them move 18 items, on a pallet like that get delivered, allow the van to hold 1 pallet, and the freight truck to hold 3
graphic design office business
online customer service office business, customers complain about bad service or poor shop / dirtiness and the online customer serivce aka call center can handle complaints. HR ‘documents’ complaints against a certain employee, and after so many, disciplinary actions can happen, even being fired, with the task coming through the phone that a certain associate has been bad and we need to either cut their pay, hours or fire them
car and boat dealership businesses
underground races, both car and boat to spend money on like the casino
when doing mission for Fred to get a gaming PC, add a task to get a TV too and use them both to explain happiness more, especially for the ‘get to 100% hapiness’ task
bubble tea business
sit down restraunt businesses
tax business, which you can go to for paying taxes and set up payment plan options, almost like a loan repayment system “H&R Fox”
Video Game Dev Company
Social Media Company
Film & Television Companies, also can have TV Ad Marketing and it plays on the tvs
Home Improvement Company, and you have to buy items from them to make modification INSIDE businesses and apartments, like the wall idea above
geocaching app that gives you happiness
handyman business, can do plumbing and other small profession jobs for residential locations
landlord/realitor business that gives you notices when properties ‘are selling under market’ and help you control rent for businesses and residential
sign company, and allow custom imports like the shop icon. you can also do this to customize the billboards
drinking coffee increases your energy, but only once before you sleep to prevent never sleeping
a drive through fast food npc place to get food/coffee on the go