Windows Sleep mode problem

After about 2 weeks of trying to diagnose a crash to reboot problem. Reading several forum posts and watching YouTube videos about how to make the game more stable. I found most of these sources were talking about older version for the most part and did nothing to help.

I started to notice that the times I played directly from the crash to reboot the game would not crash at all. I should point out that I never shut down my gaming PC, I just put it in Sleep mode. After a few days of testing rebooting before playing and it eliminated all crashing. But just putting the PC to Sleep for a minute and waking then playing would cause a crash to reboot within about 2 hours often within 30 minutes. Oh and I am not putting the PC to Sleep while running the game only after shutting down all user apps.

I am running:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D undervolted on a MSI Tomahawk X570S
32 GB RAM 4000MHz
RTX 3090 Ti 24GB
PrimoCache 4.3.0 - L1 cache 8GB from RAM, L2 cache 512GB on M.2 4x4 PCIE SSD

This was a unique bug for me on this machine. I also do no web browsing with this system only gaming, I have a mini PC from BeeLink for all that on a separate monitor.

Very interesting, that is good to know. Looks like maybe a memory usage issue…we’ll be looking into that!