Warehouse truck assignment

I encountered a random bug.

I bought a van and drove into the warehouse. The van was assigned to slot #2. This annoyed me because slot #1 should be filled first, so I maneuvered the van into spot #1 without leaving the warehouse.

This worked fine for deliveries until I tried to buy another van and assign it to slot #2. The warehouse entry doors both read as occupied.

I was able to fix it by going inside the warehouse, driving the original van out of the warehouse, and then back inside properly through the correct door. Then I was able to drive the second van in as well. Now both vans are assigned properly.

I was going to recreate the bug to confirm…but now I cannot drive either van at all (I cannot enter them from inside the warehouse anymore).

Sounds like we’re not unassigning the vehicles when moved inside of the warehouse. We’ll have it fixed, thanks!

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Adding onto this… if you sell a vehicle while it is actively slotted in the warehouse, the same issue happens. The bizman app accurately shows you only have one vehicle now, but the warehouse door reads as occupied and won’t let you bring a new vehicle in.

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You’re right! Will be fixed in next build both errors

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