Warehouse Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers actually deliver oders. If 1 warehouse has multiple deliveries, the deliveries are made until all deliveries are fulfilled.

It would be nice to be able to see your own delivery trucks with your company logo riding down the streets making deliveries.

Also made the option for AI companies placing orders through your warehouses??

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I would love to see my freight trucks and vans actually drive around the city.

Unfortunately (and I hope I’m wrong about this) it might be to much of a computational demand to have multiple specific trucks drive to specific locations through dynamic traffic and deliver changing quantities of products.

But maybe there’s a compromise? Maybe the player could set 1-hour delivery windows for each business. You wouldn’t see the trucks driving around the city, but you would see them parked in front of your stores during their delivery window.

Might be cool.

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Oh, and welcome!

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Putting your own logos on your company vehicles is on the roadmap!

This has been suggested a few times - almost like the player is running their own supply/logistics business. Could be interesting!

There are a few things like that which will hopefully get full simulations. Drivers with inventory, customer service with restocking, cleaners, office employees using their coffee and other demands!

Absolutely! It would add to the immersion a lot!