Warehouse - Add delivery history

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As I am discovering and trying to use the deliveries in my daily-planning, it is hard to know when deliveries will be done at what store, and for which quantities.

On a related topic, I do not understand the Min quantities in the delivery section, but after some trials and errror, we need to put a value other wise, if left to zero, that item will not get delivered.

Having the history of deliveries, for each products as details as the expenses screen would greatly help planning.


The “min quantity” is exactly how you control how many of each item will be sent to which store. Basically, you are controlling how much inventory you want a store to have. If the store currently only has 300 of an item in stock, and you have the minimum quantity set to 500…that means the store is currently 200 items short of the minimum. As long as you have enough of that item in your warehouse, your delivery drivers will delivery 200 of that item to that store when the make their daily delivery.

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Thanks SuperDave! for this information

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