Wall breaches and a few other bugs found (aka an evening of rushing walls in my car)

I can’t make multiple reports for some reason but that’s all I found tonight searching for bugs (in what’s normally the stable version)

There is breaches basically all around the cathedral, never knew those places had drive ins!

The globe area at 4th avenue is also breached

Gates at intersection inside side of 1st avenu and 7th street are also wall breaches

There is a parking lane in the middle of the intersection third and a half avenue/5th street (visible with autopark coming south from 5th)

Really weird textures left corner of the map near the water(when the water is directed like south), right outside what’s accessible

Seaside pier is accessible with a car but the small black poles, barriers and rope thingies have no modelisation ( I’m highly tempted to dip in the water)
Also you can’t walk on the pier but you can drive

Also a parking lane in the no parking areas like in front of the drive in

that’s older but if you park the back of your truck close to your porsche you’re gonna have a rocket after getting in and out of your shop