Vehicle stuck in Warehouse

Bought the warehouse at 51 2nd street, pulled in my brand new truck to offload racks into it, the truck did this jumpy thing and slid on it own down the ramp. Rode the brakes the whole way. Did not stop, said vehicle added. Now it sits there acting like it does when you get stuck on a car. Would not let me move or reset it.

To confirm, was the truck a Vord Pony? The way you describe it, makes me think it’s this same glitch:

The v150 pickup truck

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Yup, that’s the one. I forgot the pony was the car, not the truck. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have pulled into my other warehouses to set them up with it, didn’t happen in any bit just the one warehouse. Had to assign a delivery driver to it…lol

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You pulled that same truck into other warehouses? Or other vehicles went into those warehouses? The only vehicle I have seen that issue with is the 150, but I have seen it in multiple locations, so that would be interesting if it works in some of them!

Yeah, ive pulled into 2 others before that one. And was able to stay by the door and unload. Now I just call the store and have them deliver the racks. Those V150s get expensive…lol…They need to add a Crodge Cram into the game!!!

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Very interesting! I lost control of mine the instant it loads into the warehouse, and it just glides down to the parking space - annoying! Glad you found some kind of solution :smiley:

I was only doing it to test some things, though, typically I use the Freight Trucks so you can deliver to more locations!

Yeah, I am waiting for my delivery drivers to train up with HR to be able to drive the box trucks. Got them in vans right now.

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Fixed in beta 8!

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