Unregistered Marketing

This has never happened to me honestly, I’ve always followed this procedure for my jewelry stores and it’s never failed to register my marketing orders until now.

did you wait for a day to pass? alot of the systems in game refresh based on the in game timescale (most being at midnight). That could be the issue just based off the video.

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Hi @Chuck !

I’ve had 30/40 days go by now, I’m always without marketing coverage. Every contract I try to open doesn’t activate (but only with that store apparently).

However, I noticed that there are more stores in the city with the same name (one of my property and others owned by NPC)
Am I by any chance advertising another store that is not mine?

What do you think? Could this be a plausible idea?

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Hey @IronPatriot!

It looks like a bug. Can you attach your savegame here?

Certainly, here it is.
Sorry for the delay, I overslept my friend :laughing:

New Iron patriot Save Game.json (9.2 MB)

Hello! As you already thought, you’ve been paying for someone else’s marketing :stuck_out_tongue:

If you rename your business, it should work fine. We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen on the next version!

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Hi David,

Give me a chance to sue the damn guy who took my advertising ahahah

Will do! Thanks for the support! :grin:


That said, I would add:

May I take the liberty of recommending an alternative way to delete or check marketing contracts?
Say, a report on some application that tells you which contracts are active for which stores and give you the opportunity to delete them from there as well?

Suppose I close a store without deleting the marketing contracts first, how do I know for sure if there is a bug that makes me keep paying them? Since I’ve closed the store I can’t go to the Marketing section anymore, so I can’t know until I reopen it (with obvious additional economic expense) and without knowing if there really is a bug or not.

Have I explained myself?
I’m sure I have confused some concept and surely the translation will have accentuated it.

If I have not explained, please write to me, I will be happy to change translator and mentality of speech

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Give me a chance to sue the damn guy who took my advertising ahahah

Feature Suggestion: Sue other businesses into oblivion to make them cheaper to buy-out :joy:

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It becomes hell on earth ahahah

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Hi! Yeah, it would be interesting. Our objective is to make it bug-free, and closing a business should correctly remove all the current advertising campaigns. I understand your concerns, though: you’ll probably have to pay for the AI campaigns until they expire.

Your situation is a very specific scenario, though. If you want, send me your savegame and I’ll make sure the AI stops stealing you :face_with_monocle:

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Hi @David !

As for my savegame don’t worry, I’m an Alpha and Beta Tester. It’s my job to find bugs!

The important thing is precisely that it is known now. So it can be fixed in the final version!
Wasting your time with a savegame that will be deleted in the next build (Beta 2) doesn’t seem appropriate. I want you to concentrate on everything else. Don’t worry about me!

Although I thank you immensely for the thought!

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