Unlimited stock in packed appliances

So, it’s started in the alpha stage when I notice weird behavior with costumers going to the storage room and just check random appliances that where packed before I was closing a store, but didn’t bother. about it too much.

Not I found the reason why they are so interested in my storage:
So after I started a new save with the EA release I bought myself a drink fridge, but didnt have the money to stock it and needed 2 of them anyway, so I packed it and placed it in storage so I dont get debuff for the max costomers. (Remember, I never got the soda cans to fill it up)
After a few days I got the money to get another drinks fridge and stock them, so I was trying to place the packed appliance, Error.
I try again, error, for some reason you get an error says you cant pick up appliance with stock in it (Its a packed box)

Costomers will actually casually go to the storage and to the packed appliance, grab a drink and actually buy it.
After checking the business sales and stock tab, it confirms that you are selling soda cans and you got unlimited stock of them.

Same bug accrues with every other appliance.
Same bug accrues also with in the fast-food industry, you or workers will go to a packed appliance and prepare food and sell it normally, even if you never actually bought any stock.

Edit for dev:
I’ve sent a bug report in the game for the save file
If needed can send another save with fast food restaurant bug recreated

Thank you for the report. The devs are aware of it and will fix it in a future update - probably not the next one though, as there’s currently quite a lot to do and this is not the most pressing issue. :slight_smile:

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Hello! Any chance you can record a video or write a step-by-step list? I can’t seem to figure out how to reproduce. Checked your savegame and there’s definitely a bug in there!

I will do a video later on, But for now the steps I figured out so far:

  1. start new business as usual
  2. buy and place an appliance***, You can stock it if you want and wait for it to run out but works with empty stock.
  3. when appliance is empty, pick it up and pack it.
  4. place it on the ground (checked only in storage room if important)
  5. next day costumers will go and grab products from that packed box.

***Important note: This will probably work only with appliance that can sell only 1 type of item on the list, like drink fridge, burger grill, salad bar, freezer etc.

Well I am trying to recreate the bug and the steps above didnt really work right now. Will try more steps while recording