"Uber Eats" system --> Food Delivery

Hey Big Ambitions fans !

Maybe we can add an “Uber Eats” system ?
If you want to buy some food, you must to go in a supermarket to buy it.
That’s ok, but if it’s 11pm, that’s very difficult to order some food or find a store who sells food.
So, I think it can be a very noice idea to just order food and have a delivery system, like we can already have with shops. But, here, the goal is to recieve his food in 1-2h max to an selected adress (like home).

What do you think about it ?

Thanks !

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Good idea, best option would be to add your comment to this existing thread and upvote that one - the more votes, the more the devs know people want it!

El Gato Food Delivery - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (bigambitionsgame.com)