Tutorial videos ingame

With all the new features being added, it is difficult to remember all the shortcuts, etc.

An idea is a Tutorial section. All these videos that you load onto your Devlogs can be added there. Maybe create a list of all the features and when you click on one of them you can see a quick description (and maybe a video) of how to use the feature.

Hi there!

This is kinda planned already. It’s the “Help System” planned for Alpha 10: Roadmap - Big Ambitions

The current concept looks like this, and will include “deep-links” all around the game for easy access:

That will work. Would be nice if you can include the videos that you have on the Devlogs, but that is a Nice To Have.

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For sure! We will create some even better versions later on.

How did I not know about the roadmap?!? You should maybe add that as a pin under the feature suggestions so that I don’t make suggestions you already have in your roadmap. :man_facepalming:

Good idea! Hereby done :slight_smile: I’ll also add it the main menu of the game.

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