Traffic 'Enable/Disable'

This is just a thought after playing ‘Alpha 6’ a bit. Seems players are noticing problems with traffic. I haven’t had trouble finding parking all the time in alpha 5. and haven’t really tested it much in alpha 6. would possibly disabling traffic option be possible for alpha 7 or alpha 8? I personally like having cars and the amount of traffic is somewhat realistic for a busy city. Just having this option for some players might make the game a bit better. I don’t know if settings can be applied for traffic in this game. I do like traffic but are we making a driving sim or business management sim? I think players can decide if they like driving around in game or want to use quick travel options. driving does seems to add some realism. but after seeing players mention problems with traffic maybe they feel more comfortable with traffic on/off switch. I enjoy little quirks in my games sometimes it adds ‘flavor’. I almost which i had a monster truck so i can drive over cars instead of around. hehe.