Traffic Customisation

Hi everyone, I have been playing since Alpha 8 and I know the traffic is a key part of the setting of Big Ambitions, however, I believe that some customisation would be extremely beneficial to suit everyone’s playing style.

This could be done by some sort of slider that adjust the amount of traffic that is spawned into the game, middle is default/normal, left is off, and right is even more traffic for extra difficulty. With one or two notches in between. Possibly something like:
1 (Off) 2 (Light) 3 (default/normal) 4 (heavy) 5 (extreme/chaos)

This could be added in the settings or as an option in the custom game mode estimated to be in the game in Beta 6 (can’t wait for the custom game mode)

What does everyone think of this?

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That would be a good feature for the customizable mode.

Or - Hover cars. Rise above your competition and avoid all traffic and parking issues with a hover car!

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