Traffic changing over time

Hello everyone, and hello to the dev team.

I would like to suggest something regarding the traffic.

In real life, the traffic is determined by where the people live and where they go and when, at each day of the week, and why do they go to this area and not elsewhere.

It’s just an exemple but a restaurant alone in an zone full of appartement will have the majority of their clients coming from said appartements, mostly in the evening and the week end.

A restaurant in a zone full of office buildings will probably have a lot of workers in said buildings in week time, but will probably be more empty in the week-end, except for vacation weeks where no one will be coming in the area to work.

A street full of restaurant will be busy each hours of the week, because people know that in this street, there is a lot of restaurants.

A commercial center without restaurants will probably be mostly empty at working hours, but be full from opening to closing during the week end.

I think the traffic should change, depending of their surroundings and the hours of the day and day of the week, and a long time-implemented commercial zone or restaurant street could be a seal of quality to the townspeople, so after a certain time, the traffic could be slowly increase over time, until it reach a maximum.

That could push the player to use his brain before setting up a shop. A wrong shop in the wrong zone will have no clients, as the traffic is not set in stone, but depend of the time and activity of the day.

Thanks for reading me!