Time machine to end of shift stops at 16:00

While working at my own shop, if I “time machine to end of shift”, it always stops after 16:00 hours. If I try to do it again, it stops immediately. My store’s hours are 13:00-21:00, and I can manually continue to stand there and work - I just can’t skip those hours.

Hi Dave, which build number are you playing with? Could you attach a savegame file where it’s possible to verify it?
I just tried in my own liquor store and it didn’t stop but went all the way to the end.
What could be a reason (but then you should get a message about it): If your energy or saturation is completely empty, then you’ll stop working and can’t start again until you refill it.

Update…I reloaded and it seems to be working now.

Sorry, I should have included that it was the alpha 7 build 233. I still had food/energy and didn’t receive a warning message - it would just stop. Before reloading the game and writing this post, I had tried several times over three game days…and got the issue each time. But now it is working perfectly.

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Alright, we should keep an eye on that. Even if it is gone now, of course it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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