This city is too crowded to drive a luxury car

Even the first car my uncle gives me is much smoother and accelerates much better than the other cars.
And the luxury cars available at Manhattan Luxury Cars obviously cannot run properly in this city.

The cars in front of me are very slow, and my Mersaidi S500 will soon rear-end them. Forcing it to drive in the opposite lane will only change the direction of the collision to the other.
This really frustrates me. Because of the obstructive public car, even though I have a luxury car, I am not able to move smoothly. Can you do something about this?

My ideal would be to add an optional setting to limit the number of NPC vehicles in town.
No doubt I would try to obliterate all NPC vehicles and drive around on unmanned roads.


bruh it’s normal, it’s not a driving game


Of course it is. This is not a game for driving.
However, it is inappropriate for a game with a “life simulation” aspect if a luxury car has performance commensurate with its price, but it does not help at all, and in fact, the cheaper car feels more comfortable.

Above all, the better car should actually be able to achieve its objective of getting to its destination faster than the cheaper car.
But so far, this has not been the case. It is not the fault of the player, but of the NPC cars that are clearly in the way.

They must be hailed in order to use the cabs. They do not come that often in low traffic areas. Also, getting around requires some cost and a relatively long time.

Subways are very inexpensive and can get you around much faster than cabs, but of course the station locations are fixed, so it is a bit of a hassle when going to facilities far from the station.

Private cars cost money to purchase, but allow you to travel between two points completely free, and you don’t have to look for them like you would with a cab.
It should be much more fun.


NYC really isn’t a great place for big, fast vehicles!

Not sure if that will be an option - honestly there should be 10X the number of vehicles on the road! But it’s an interesting thought.

The “New feature: Private chauffeur service” of EA 0.3 might help, though, so you don’t have to find a cab or deal with traffic.

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I think the thing that is being overlooked is that this is literally NYC. Having a faster car in NYC means absolutely nothing to others. You still get to enjoy the same crappy traffic as you would in any other car. I think that they actually handled the cars extremely well. If you want to go fast and speed around with no traffic, spend 4M and grab a boat. Should be wide open seas.

The chauffeur service will be a nice touch to combat this but I have fun avoiding the traffic. I think once they start putting in traffic laws and stuff will be when we really see the driving/traffic in this game shine.


The “New feature: Private chauffeur service” of EA 0.3 might help, though, so you don’t have to find a cab or deal with traffic.

Yes, it definitely makes getting around easier.
But at least in this game, the private car is not the interior. You can actually drive it.
And if you simply let your personal driver/(phone-callable) cab do the moving, you hardly need a private car.
Just have all the furniture delivered to the furniture store and buy a company van/truck for the freight driver.
If there are luxury and non-luxury cars, and if there is a difference in performance, it should have practical meaning.
If you can’t make practical sense out of it, then you need to ditch them and devote resources to something else.

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I am Japanese and use a translation tool to communicate in English, so I feel I am not getting my point across, so let me restate it.

If the performance of luxury cars is virtually completely useless and driving a car by yourself is nothing but a pain, then do away with the ability to drive a car.
You say, “Of course cars are useless in New York?”
Then do away with the car-driving system right now and focus on creating other features that support comfortable mobility.

Leave everything to contractors, deliver furniture by pallet, and use only cabs or subways for transportation. (Since EA 0.3, a personal driver might answer the call at any time.)
Uncle does not give me a car, but tells me how to hail a cab or take the subway.
Once you order a car for cargo, it is the dealer’s job to bring it into the warehouse you specify.
If you want to transfer a freight truck you already have to a new, larger warehouse, have the driver do it for you while you’re at it.
If you still want to keep your self-owned vehicle in the game, it should be completely decorative. Make it a mere tool for achievements.

If there are cheap and expensive items in the game, and if they are usable goods, the difference must actually be useful. Otherwise, it is just a decoration and should not call itself a usable item.
It is like a weapon that can be bought for 50G in the first village in an RPG is stronger than a 3000G weapon sold in the last town in the scenario. It is absolutely wrong.
But if they were mere decorations, not equipment or consumables, no one would complain.

But for now, cars in this game can actually be driven, and there are both inexpensive and luxury cars, with the luxury cars not only looking good, but actually performing better.
However, their great performance does not help at all. I don’t think that even the function of the “car” as a tool to move freely between two points is sufficient. This is really frustrating and off-putting to me.
If the development team thinks New York is an unpleasant environment for private cars and wants to replicate it in the game, they should abandon the driving system altogether now and work on something else.

Oh, and of course we don’t need car dealers for anything other than trucks. No need to spend resources for building data for something useless, right?

You’ve got a good point I think, maybe a (simple) racetrack next to the map? Or a button to transport you and your car there?

I mean, I know it’s a business simulator, but why not adding a fun little feature?

What’s the point of getting a lot of wealth to buy a sports car and not being able to use it? :wink:

You should make a feature request for this!
Edit 2: Well, I typed this on my phone, this actually is is feature request already :sweat_smile:

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Even if it is “realistic” that a luxury car is not that useful for getting around town, I should still be able to have fun in a great car.

If it can’t even do that, then it’s just an expensive ornament. It hardly needs to be a car.

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I do completely understand what you’re saying. Some people hate the driving and prefer to use the subways and taxis. And some people love the driving and just casually drive around listening to the radio. Some people just enjoy having a fleet of cars to show off their wealth. Some people even want to open their own car dealerships in game. So, it’s great that you have that option to play the way that makes sense to you.

It’s not a racing game, so having a fancier car is not about flooring the gas pedal and driving as fast as you can. It is a decoration; a drivable decoration. Some people like to collect cars as a measure of wealth, but you could just immediately sell Uncle Fred’s car and never get another personal vehicle instead.

And yes, you can order deliveries. Those are limited to 18 items per day, so if you use your own vehicle you can deliver significantly more. Or you can keep your character in bed and just let the delivery truck people bring your stuff to you. You get the choice!

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That could be a cool feature - being able to take a weekend and go out to a nearby race track. Would give your character a huge happiness boost, but if you crash, you might have a big repair bill!

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What I would like is if more expensive cars had a lane-keeping assistant and maybe automatic crash-preventing brakes in addition to useful auto parking. The personal driver feature sounds also nice though. Because I was crashing all the time I just switched to using taxis and subways in the end but maybe I am just a bad driver ^^


I have the same. Lane-keeping should be a standard game-feature because it’s quite annoying atm. I’m always seeming to be drunk :sweat_smile:

My idea is that after being in a lane for 2 or 3 seconds, the car will automatically center itself.

Crash-prevention brakes could very well be an option in the more expensive cars IMO.


I just wanted to give my two cents about this. I actually enjoy the driving, how it feels and looks, and also how i have to get through the dense traffic. I don’t know but i just like it. If that’s a pain in the ass for some, they still could use cabs i guess.

Other than that, having a game-feature that’ll automatically center itself would be absolutely over the top, as i really dig to drive in the wrong lane

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I think the suggestion would be more like it is optional like with the more expensive cars that already have automatic parking. And it would work like the lane-keeping assistant modern cars have, so nothing that keeps you from manually driving onto the wrong lane or even the Pedestrian area if you want to ^^

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I think you overestimate how I mean the self-center function. I did not meant a forceful push towards a lane. I meant a self-centering feature when you are trying to stay in the center of lane.

So imagine you trying to get in the center of a lane. You would have trouble now. Always veering to the left or right.

Now imagine a system that guides your car to point straight ahead in a lane, so you wouldn’t have to touch A and D anymore. This only activates if you car is in a same-way lane, and if you are already kind of centered. This after about 2 seconds.

I think you wouldn’t notice this at all with your driving and I would have a great time as well not driving like a drunk maniac. :sweat_smile:

True - cabs, subway, and in the future a private driver!

I agree - I zig-zag through traffic, a lot

I do see your point, but another issue here is that the car also pulls left or right depending on the amount of damage it has - adding lane keeping would remove a penalty for driving badly.

But some improvements to vehicle handling are being considered, so we’ll see what the devs come up with!

I honestly think its quiet realistic that luxury cars are not very useful, because they arent. Even here in Germany where driving is certainly fun on our unlimited highways you usually dont have much exept the luxury interiour and the prestige, but thats it. It is actually a burden to have such an expensive car in the game and in real life due to repair cost and often refueling but this form of excess is exactly what being rich is - meaning being wasteful and having unnecessary extras in your life to make your self upper class and special.


I agree 1000% here. NYC is known for being a city where the majority of the population walks, and my own character walks everywhere but mostly because I’m terrible with the WASD controls. However, it makes sense that a naturally dense urban city will not be the best place to be speeding around as if you’re on a racetrack at NASCAR. Yes, even the rich and powerful have to deal with the same issues us poors do: namely, traffic. The only perks that come with are that you get to do it in a multi-million dollar car for bragging rights. I can see the private driver being a much better perk since then you can just relax while someone else does the work.

I mean, the only possible other solution that I see celebrities and truly rich people turning to IRL is hiring helicopters to skip through the urban hellscape of congestion. I think it would be too much to ask to develop a helicopter you can pilot, but maybe something akin to a fast travel that works like the current subway system that you can unlock with money? It can be summoned anywhere though and you get the helicopter sounds and tada! You’re at your destination without all the headaches of having to deal with all the traffic minus whatever little loading screen and sounds to the destination.

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