The possibility of suppliers making discounts


here is the idea, subject to the condition that there are several suppliers of the same type and not only one I mean by the fact that by dint of buying salad and hot dogs from a supplier always the same. the price of the salad reduced or in case of purchase in large quantities rather than having a fixed price

I already plan on introducing more wholesale stores that come with better prices and more exclusive products.

Adding an additional quantity discount is a great idea. I like this :slight_smile:

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How about a change to the idea… Loyalty discounts. Using the same wholesaler repeatedly gives a reputation discount ? using an opposition wholesaler lowers others reputation discounts.

So being a loyal customer to wholesalers gets you a benefit.

Also maybe when you get waterways and docks… Let us become the wholesalers and get supplies from the docks etc to supply the wholesalers ?

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