The ability to buy buildings as a business

I don’t see any feature that lets you buy privately-owned buildings and transfer ownership to your own business. If you decide to implement this feature, make sure there are limits and restrictions depending on what type of business it is and what type of building to make business development fair.

You can buy the buildings - and if you have a business in that building, then your business’ rent will now be free. If you don’t have a business in that building, you’ll be able to take over the space for free (even if another business is already inside).

To be more specific, when I buy a building it won’t say “owned by [business name here]” it will just say “privately-owned”. Plus if I have multiple businesses and I want the headquarter company to own it and not have it say privately-owned or some random investment company.

True, nothing is “owned by a business”. You own it all. Just like you make all the money you earn from any business, and owe anything due for the HQ. It belongs to you. You privately own it!

The BUYING BUILDING function seems to be fine to the point of owning the business that was in the building, but the BUYING ENTIRE BUILDING process appears flawed when the number of units in a building (eg apartments) cannot be accounted for or sold individually.

The massive cost of owning the building is not compensated by the renting of 20 units on all floors, for example. I know this is a difficult one to solve, so it might be that we need to remove the ability to buy buildings until such time as ALL UNITS could be bought and sold as a REAL ESTATE model within the game.