Subscription to wholesale warehouse

At the moment, there are two wholesale stores in the game: Metro Wholesale and NY Distro Inc, on each side of the same street. I made a comparison of the two from my (admittedly limited) experience in the game, and… Well, you’ll see. Here are the advantages that one has over the other:

NY Distro Inc:
-More choices
-Lower prices
-Can enter with or without vehicle
-Open 7/7, 8:00 to 20:00, even open on Sunday.

Metro Wholesale:
-Opens at 6 AM everyday except Sunday.

The very slim advantage that the 6am opening time offers does not, in my opinion, offset the advantages of NY Distro. As such, especially early in the game, there are no real reason to go to Metro Wholesale. By adding a required subscription to the warehouse, it would add some incentive on going to Metro Wholesale instead, especially since they are right in front of eachother.

Good observation and suggestion! My initial idea was to limit these wholesale stores by organizational income, so you would need to generate a certain amount before being allowed to be a customer. I’ve noted your idea of making it subscription-based too. Interesting.

I only use the big one, because the small one is very limited.
Example: The small one does not have expensive gifts
If you were limited to the small one, you could only sell cheap gifts in your gift shop.
You need two types of goods in the gift shop to get enough customers and revenue.
Else you would never afford starting a second bussiness.

You can also sell soda cans, available in both wholesale stores, but yeah…

What? you can place a drink fridge in the wholesale and earn money on their property?

No. You can buy soda cans in both stores, and sell them in your gift shop.

Yeah, I use a spreadsheet to make my own “product catalough” over all the stores.