Stuck on sleeping Bench (Car parked in front)

I went to the appliance store (4th ave, 3rd street) too early and took a nap on the bench. When I awoke, I wasn’t able to move or get off the bench, although I noticed that a car had parked in front of me while I was sleeping. I had to reload the game.

I also notice afterward that if a car is parked in front of the bench, I can’t sleep on it either, so I’m guessing it’s related.

We had that before, I even once experienced it myself but couldn’t reproduce it (not even with cars parked in front).

For the second part, not being able to get onto the bench, a fix will come with the upcoming Alpha 7 version:
The benches will be moved backwards towards the buildings. So if the first issue (being stuck on the bench) is indeed related to a car parked in front, then it also shouldn’t happen anymore.

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Funky - It was the first time I had experienced getting suck on the bench as well and couldn’t replicate it either. Hopefully bumping the benches back fixes the whole issue!

how did you get unstuck

For me, I saved the game and reloaded it and then it reloaded fine. Although this was several builds ago, so if you’re getting stuck now, it’s quite possibly a different issue!

Edit: I see in another post you are unable to load a save file, so, if that’s the case, my suggestion is useless!

I experienced the exact same thing yesterday so it is still a random issue when taking a nap on a bench.
Had to quit and re-enter the game to be able to stand up again.

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Had this same issue once.

Hi guys!

Thanks for reporting in. We’ll increase the priority of this bug.

Should be fixed in Beta 2!