Stuck in my store with handtruck [Beta 3 Build 894]

[Beta 3 Build 894]
I can’t grab the handstuck from the inside. The handles are on the outside.
I’m stuck in my store.
I can’t close the store because i’m inside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This doesn’t fix your bug…but for now if you’re stuck, the handtruck should reset itself if you save/main menu/ reload.

I just tried again by saving the game with another name… The handtruck remains in place.
Thanks for your help
Never mind
I start a new game.

Boo. I think you have to fully exit to the main menu for it to reset, but either way, it’s definitely a bug they should look into!

Good luck in the new game :smiley:

I restarted my computer too…

Well then, I have no idea what’s happening. Your handtruck is apparently the new king of that town!!

Fixed in build 896!

Great !

Thanks Dave,
With build 896 and restoring my save , i was able to get out of the store