Store sizes?

do current store sizes seem to small or too big or adequate? sometimes to me the smaller stores feel to narrow but theres enough room for one cash register or serving desk. it may be just me but the scale from the small store seems narrow. and bigger stores seem adequate to allow more cashiers and serving desks.

Maybe its just my claustrophobia.

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The small store is very inconvenient for fast food. You can’t put the serving table sideways, so you’re very limited on space, which makes it hard to efficiently serve the guests. And that’s just with soda and salad. Imagine adding hotdogs or whatever else is coming, and it might be impossible in the small store.

On the other hand, the small store seemed perfectly adequate for the starting gift shop, even if/when they added triple the variety of products.

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i fit 3 serving desks in large building facing the doors. had to set one behind the other two. I agree the gift shop fits well with the small store now. the bigger buildings are definately adequate for almost any of the starting businesses. layouts of serving desks and cash registers need some testing phases before changing implementation of buildings. right now only small building seems adequate for gift shop. and the other businesses fare better in the large building. but later I’m guessing there will be more choices on building sizes. :slight_smile:

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The small size is meant to be annoyingly small. That being said, the serving desk is waaaay too big. In Alpha 6 it will be replaced with ~3 times smaller version.

I plan on adding quite a lot of building sizes. Luckily they are relatively “cheap” to add :slight_smile:


sounds perfect. look forward to seeing it.

New thoughts after My first run of build 184. It seems more sizes are available but also the smaller size buildings seem harder to find. Is this planned this way? also I do find the one street i used to build on sometimes is all taken. seems its just more of a challenge to find that perfect first business. I find the 15k first loan isn’t always enough to start the gift shop. if i start with a bigger building. seems in order to get all objects added to first business and building need start with smallest buildings. seems my progress in the game will fall short if I try start with more expensive building.